Nørrebro Station

Type: Urban Space Project
Client: IAT 233 Spatial Design, SFU
My Role: Graphic Designer, Copywriter

This 5-week project explored how architects use space and circulation in the design of urban spaces. Nørrebro Station was a train station in Copenhagen that was set to be developed into a interchange station for a new metro line.

Initial Exploration

The project began with an exploration of the context of the station. We studied existing transit spaces to explore different ways that we could design the flow of the station.

Nørrebro Station Concept | Nørrebro Local Committee

As passenger circulation is the most crucial part of a interchange station, we studied different circulation patterns of the space.

Concept Design

In our concept phase, we used SketchUp to draw our new station design.

Final Design

Through multiple iterations, we developed a final design concept that focused on circulation and wayfinding of the new station.