Type: Speculative Design Team Project
Client: IAT 431 Speculative Design, SFU
My Role: Graphic Designer, Copywriter

IKEA SKAPA was a project designed to challenge how we think about the design of everyday things. Through this 6-week project, we developed a modular furniture concept, complete with catalogue spreads, IKEA instructional manual demos, material exploration, animations and 3D walkthroughs.

SKAPA means create. SKAPA empowers you to create and recreate your furniture in whatever
way you want, for whatever context you’re in, for whatever time of day it
is. SKAPA is not a typical furniture series that we’ve designed in the past
because you can move it and make it into whatever you need it to be. Create with SKAPA today
at your local IKEA Store or Pick-up and Order Point.

In this project, my role was to ensure IKEA's graphical style and language were matched in order for this speculative design to seem more realistic.

It’s our responsibility to ensure
that we take care of the planet.
Bamboo provides the rigidity of
the SKAPA block. We chose
bamboo as it grows sustainability
and without the need for farming.
Ferrite metal allows SKAPA blocks
to stick together. They are hard
to demagnetize, so you can rest
easy as on your SKAPA couch.
Polypropylene plastic is used as
a protective surface and adds
a splash of personality with a
range of colours to choose from.


A space to rest
that’s perfect for you
Build the essential bedroom with just
330 SKAPA blocks, or add more blocks
to fit your needs.

Dining space for
built for your needs
Use just 330 SKAPA blocks to make
this cozy dining space, or add more
blocks as you invite more guests.

Spacious living for
a simpler life
Build this living space with just
330 SKAPA blocks, or make the
space your own with more blocks.

SKAPA blocks work perfectly inside
SKAPA microapartments.
SKAPA microapartments are built with
a shared kitchen on each level, providing more
space for your living space.